Seasonal Residents

Seasonal residents are reminded that someone, a friend or agency should be making frequent inspections of your condo during your absence. Things happen and you should have your condo checker looking for evidence of leaks on the ceiling, water on floors, evidence of insects, any unusual odors or discoloration, signs of mold etc. Your condo watcher should flush your toilets and run water down your drains to keep the traps from drying out.  Prepare your unit prior to leaving town by taking in your door mat, door decorations and balcony furniture.  If you have a bike, it must be stored inside your condo, not under the stairwell when you are not in residence. If you have storm shutters they should be closed and secured when you leave the area in the event of a hurricane.

It is important that the office has a working key to your condo on file, in case of emergency.  The keys are coded for security purposes and access is requested by phone or email before anyone enters your unit unless an extreme emergency exists.

If you have a bike stored under the stairwell, it must be moved back to within your condo when you are not here in residence.

If you have individual services from Opticaltel, check under  OPTICALTEL on the menu, as you may suspend your retail individual services and other there is other information for seasonal residents.

See the link below from FPL about setting your AC to the proper temperature while you are out of town.,A%2FC%20at%2077%20degrees.