Be a Good Neighbor

                                                       Be a Good Tamberlane Neighbor 

 YOU as a resident can help improve our community.  We all know the things that make for a good neighbor.  When you take pride in your home it helps the whole community’s appearance.  Treating others living close to you respectfully and with consideration, makes for a happy neighborhood.  You can't get any closer than living in a condo!  You have 15 to 30 very close neighbors; as such we need to be especially careful to consider others.  We have common walls, common trash areas, laundry rooms and parking lots.  We all look out and can clearly see across the way.  With this in mind please consider the following.

Safety - When you live in a condo your safety and the safety of others is interdependent.   Please invest $15.00 in several smoke detectors for your condo, install them and test for battery strength.  Take precautions and don't leave things unattended on the stove top.   Use a tea kettle for boiling water.  Don't use open flames as in candles or hurricane oil lamps, don’t smoke in bed.  Don't leave electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, iPods, iPads, etc plugged in to charge overnight or when you are not home, you all have heard and read many stories about these batteries getting hot and starting a fire.  There is NO grilling or BBQ grills permitted on the lanai, neither gas or electric grills are allowed.  No generators are not allowed either.   These things are common sense but it takes just one careless moment to start a fire.  Have a fire extinguisher on hand and know how to use it.  IN THE EVENT OF A FIRE IN YOUR UNIT.  Call 911, exit your condo and close the door and pull the fire alarms that are on the outside walkways to alert others in the building.   Scream FIRE, FIRE to alert you neighbors.

Smoking outside your condo - NO SMOKING IN THE CLUBHOUSE, ELEVATORS OR POOL AREA.  If you smoke outside your condo, please be respectful of others and don’t have the smoke floating into another unit’s windows.  Don’t leave cigarette butts on the walkways, stairs or courtyard.  Avoid congregating in groups and chatting to the annoyance of close by units.

Old Plumbing -  Do not flush anything down the toilets except toilet paper.  Don't use Charmin or other thick toilet paper.  NO adult diapers, sanitary wipes, cleaning cloths, feminine products, baby wipes, paper towels etc.  EVEN IF THESE THINGS SAY THEY ARE FLUSHABLE, DO NOT FLUSH THEM IN YOUR CONDO. Don’t pick up hair and lint from the floor and put in the toilet, these things get stuck inside the old cast iron pipes and cause clogs as they trap toilet paper. As a plumber told the Association, don’t use your toilet as a trash can! We need to protect the pipes in the condo buildings as these are very expensive repairs or clean out services.  If you use a cleaning company be sure to tell them.   DO NOT LET ANY CONTRACTOR CLEAN BRUSHES OR PANS CONTAINING GROUT OR PAINT IN YOUR DRAINS IN YOUR CONDO OR IN THE LAUNDRY ROOM BASINS.  This material hardens and stops up the drains causing very costly repairs to the Association.

Learn to recycle correctly - Not everything that is plastic goes in the BLUE bin.  The only things that go in the BLUE bin are glass containers, metal cans and plastic with a 1 to 7 in the triangle.  Food containers unless marked 1 to 7 are NOT recyclable, egg cartons, NOT recyclable. NO PLASTIC BAGS.  The YELLOW bin is for paper and cardboard only, newspaper, mail, magazines, boxes (please flatten).   NO paper towels, tissues or food containers-NO PLASTIC BAGS.

Trash -  Compact your trash and be sure to bag it up and close the bag tightly, double bag it if necessary.   It helps control odor and pests.  Rinse containers that you place in the recycle bin.  Do NOT load the dumpster with large unwanted items when moving in or out.  Dumpster trash days are Tuesday and Friday.  Recycle Bins are emptied on Thursday.  You must arrange for a bulk pick-up yourself by calling the City of PBG at 561-804-7000.  They arrange bulk pick-ups by address.  Bulk pickup is for only 1 to 2 large items like a mattress or chair NOT for a whole room or condo full of stuff. The item can only go on the curb AFTER 7PM the night before the pick up is scheduled.

Housekeeping -  IF you spill something on the walkways, please clean it up or at least request a cleanup from the office.  If you spilled something on your driveway or front steps of your house wouldn't you clean it up? If you see paper, an empty bottle or can on the property, pick them up and toss in the trash.   We DO NOT have concierge service.  We can all help keep the property clean.  

Tamberlane Office needs a key to your condo - 
The Tamberlane Office needs a copy of your condo key to keep securely in the office in case of an emergency.  You should have a condo watcher for your condo when you are not in residence but even if they have a key, the office needs one too as the condo watcher is not always available.

Laundry Follow the instructions of CSC/Coinmach, regarding the size of the load, the use of liquid detergents and other cleaning agents and cleaning out the lint traps.  If using laundry pods, put them in the drum with the clothes. Clean the lint traps after every use.   Please don't wash items full of sand or dog hair or glitter. Check all the pockets for pens, candy or gum.  Your neighbors don't want to have to clean the lint trap or drums after you or have their wash full of dog hair, gum, glitter or sand.  Laundry room hours are 8AM to 8PM only.   Start your laundry so that you are finished by 8PM.  If you lived next to the laundry room you would want this courtesy.  Leave the washer and dryer doors open when not in use to prevent condensation.  Please call-in or text in any repair requests to CSC/Coinmach as shown on the CSC/Coinmach signage.

Quiet enjoyment - We all have the right to quite enjoyment of our units.  We also know that dogs bark.  If you have a dog, it is your responsibility to keep your pet quite.  Although you may be able to tune out the barking, the barking carries and is annoying to other residents. 

Volume on radios, TV, stereos should NOT be so loud that others can hear them.  We should all also try to close doors to the trash area and doors to our condos gently.  Even pocket doors, closet doors and dresser drawers create noise that carries through the walls.   Try to use TV sets on the inside wall of your bedroom not on the common shared wall of the unit next door.  Sound carries through the walls.  Pretend you have a napping spouse, how would you close the doors or play music or the TV then?  Wouldn't you try to be considerate?

Renovations - All unit owners that chose to renovate, make ANY changes, are required to complete paperwork to protect the Association, other unit owners, the building and themselves.  This set of forms can be obtained from the office or from .  Renovation work requires prior approval of the Board.  The Association wants to be sure that the contractor is licensed, insured, has the permit for the work, if required and the materials are approved for use.  Wouldn't YOU want to know that someone ripping out the plumbing or electric in your building is licensed for that? This includes but is not limited to; flooring, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical and air conditioning and water heaters.  This also applies if you plan to do the work yourself.  All construction debris must be removed by the contractor.  NO FURNITURE OR CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS, SUCH AS WOOD, TILE, PLUMBING FIXTURES, APPLIANCES CAN BE PUT IN THE DUMPSTER OR LEFT ON THE CONDO PROPERTY AT ANY TIME.

Elevators -  Our elevators are old like many of us.  They have been kept operational by a maintenance program but the inside cabs have suffered from carelessness on the part of contractors, delivery companies and movers, etc not using pads or cleaning up a mess.  We all need to do our part to keep the elevators presentable.   You need to hold your contractor and movers or furniture delivery companies accountable.  Make them use pads and clean any debris left behind.  Please request elevator pads from the Tamberlane Office in advance when you’re moving in or out or getting furniture delivered or selling or donating furniture. If an elevator is "out of service" be sure to notify the office 561-622-1766 or Capital Realty Advisors 561-624-5888.

The much need modernization work on the elevators started in January 2018.  Depending on the final price to bring each elevator and the associated equipment system up to code and the reserve funding level, The Board will determine a time frame for the project.   Each elevator will be done but this is a multi-year project.  The elevators will be done in the order recommended by the elevator company and the consultant based on need.  Each elevator will be out of service for a 3-4 week period and the inside of the cab will be redone at this time.  Patience will be needed by all concerned. Elevators at 5580,5570,5540, 5520 and 5500 are done as of September 2021. 5510  in June 2023.    

Always call the office in advance to arrange for elevator pads prior to moving in or out or for furniture delivers or selling furniture privately.

Parking - Be careful and considerate of your neighbors.  Park in the center of your assigned parking space and be careful pulling in and out to avoid leaving scratches and dents on other vehicles.  By parking in the center of your space you are assuring that your neighbor can open their car door and get in.  Also, you should NOT park your car all the way up in the space so that the tires are resting on the concrete bumper, hot tires melt the paint and we need to keep repainting the bumpers.  DO NOT PARK IN ANY SPACE THAT IS NOT ASSIGNED TO YOU.

Security - The best security is the eyes and ears of the community.  If you see something unusual, say something.  Don't wait to tell the office, if it is suspicious, call the police and make the office aware of it as soon as possible.

Landscape -  Please do NOT trim any plants yourself, don’t plant anything outside unless you have written permission from the Board.  Do NOT ask the landscapers to do something special for you, write a request to the office for anything that needs attention.

Window Treatments - Window treatments in the condo and on the lanai must show white to the outside. Also your lanai is NOT to be used for storage.  It looks unkempt if the window treatments are not uniformly positioned.  Buyers, visitors and guests look at the overall appearance of the buildings and grounds-help make your building shine from all angles.

Lanai use -  Your lanai is NOT to be used for storage.  Patio type furniture is allowed. Carpeting is NOT allowed as it attracts moisture into the concrete slab.  Keep your lanai window treatments uniform and must show white to the outside.   IF you have personal items on your lanai, other than patio furniture, close your window treatments to insure a uniform look from the outside, avoid boxes, mops and other furnishings from showing through because the slats are bent or pushed out of place by all your belongings.  If your screens have holes or are torn they must be replaced.  Torn screens give a shabby appearance. 

Storage Lockers -  Use only the storage locker that you have been assigned.  Storage space is limited and taking a secondary locker is NOT permitted.  Do NOT store anything that is flammable or creates an odor or leaks fluid. Do NOT store anything in the laundry rooms that is not within your storage locker.   Report any evidence of insects or pest or moisture, water or mold to the Association office.

Bicycles - Bikes may be stored under the stairway only when you are at the Tamberlane property, otherwise they must be stored inside your condo.  All bikes must have an ID tag with name, unit # and phone number.  Bikes may NOT be chained to the railings at any time.

Seasonal Residents/Extended Vacations -  Please remove all your door decorations and door mats and store them inside your condo or storage locker. Move patio furniture to inside your unit.  Any bicycles left under the stairways have to be moved to inside your condo when you leave for the season.  This is all part of Hurricane Preparations you should do prior to leaving the area.  Every unit owner should have a “condo checker”, visiting your condo during your absence checking for water on the floor, spots on the ceiling, pests, mold, A/C operation and running water in the basins to keep the traps full and flushing the toilets.

Participate -  Attend a Board Meeting, join a committee or attend a social event, go to the pool.  YOU need to know what is going on in the community and the social events are fun and an opportunity to meet other residents and maybe make a new friend.  Consult the bulletin board at your building for social event notices and other important notices to residents.

Lastly, no matter who is serving on the Board, as a group they try to serve residents and listen to their concerns.  It is at times a very difficult task.  One owner loves a particular bush or tree and another resident wants it removed.  One person thinks a plant is beautiful and others hate it. One resident thinks a project is important and others think it should not be done.   Unfortunately, the Board cannot please everyone; only try their best to do what is in the best interest of the Association Members as a whole.  It is a big responsibility.

Take a few minutes and ask yourself if you are doing all you can to be a good neighbor and make Tamberlane an even nicer place to live.  We are the best kept secret in Palm Beach County!

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