Renovating Your Condo

In order to keep the buildings safe and the building appearance uniform the Tamberlane Board of Directors requires all unit owners to notify the Association and receive approval of the Board of Directors prior to renovation work starting for any changes within the condo regarding electrical, plumbing, windows, doors and flooring, including the installation of any new air conditioning units and/or A/C vent work or water heater installation or water heater relocation.  Washers and dryers are NOT permitted in individual condo units. Carpeting on the lanai is not allowed. No additional holes in the concrete slab or building exterior can be made. All window treatments must show white to the outside.  Please complete the RENOVATION PACKET below.  You must receive written approval BEFORE the work is started.  Always request the elevator pads be installed prior to work starting to protect elevators from the contractor's tools and building supplies.

NOTE:  During any major bathroom renovation, the Association wants to inspect the drains prior to installing any new shower pan, tub, etc.  The time for the Association to repair the drain/pipes is when the bathroom is already under construction.

The City of Palm Beach Gardens requires a permit for the installation of windows, entry doors, sliding doors, AC units and AC duct work, storm shutters and new/replacement water heaters or the relocation of water heaters and shower pans.   Consult the Tamberlane Architectural Specs for the approved materials.

The Board of Directors is NOT asking for anything unusual, all condominiums have restrictions and procedures in place to control what is done to each unit.  
It is the Board of Directors’ responsibility to protect all the Unit Owners and the Common Area property.

Reputable vendors do not hesitate to give you their license and insurance coverage documentation.  Have them email it to you or to the office, or fax it to the office, there are multiple ways to complete the forms in the RENOVATION PACKET.  The Board review only takes a few days and can be rushed if necessary, BUT IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU! 

Exterior doors are the responsibility of the unit owners to maintain along with the lanai.  If you need to repaint your lanai walls or exterior doors, you must use the colors listed below, which can be purchased at Boulevard Paints.

Building Body color:   BJM Linen Sand 2151-60 @ 200% Formula
Door color:                 BJM HC-92 Wheeling Neutral
Shutter color:             BJM HC-86 Kingsport Gray
Boulevard Paints - Lake Park
1400 Old Dixie Hwy.
Lake Park, FL 33403
Boulevard Paints - Palm Beach Gardens
LA Fitness Plaza
7100 Fairway Dr.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


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