The Tamberlane property is about 8 acres.  The Association has several vendors that perform the services required, including mow & blow, weed control, shrub trimming, hurricane tree/palm trimming and fertilization and pest control in the grass and on shrubs.   

The mow & blow services, weed control  and shrub trimming are done by US LAWN.  The mow & blow service is weekly usually on Thursday or Friday during the majority of the year, May through the end of October, it then reverts to every other week during the slower growing season.  The shrub trimming takes place 10 times per year, monthly except from November through February, there are two trims spread out to 6 to 7 weeks each.  A vendor does a hurricane palm and tree trimming over the summer usually in July or early August to prepare the trees to withstand a hurricane.   We do not have the budget to trim every tree and palm every year.  Please remember this is a commercial landscape contract not the same as a personal gardener that may have taken care of your yard.

Somers Pest services treats the trees, grass and shrubs for pest and fertilizes twice per year. 

Irrigation is provided by the water in the Thompson River and the Tamberlane maintenance man fixes the system.  Irrigation is usually once per week in the winter and two to three times in the summer after the rainy season.

The Association has over the last several years ordered a Spring and Fall planting to refresh the areas in need. A large planting to replenish areas of missing plants in the hedge lines was done in February 2021 and some plantings were done in December 2022 and January 2024.

Please do not plant anything on the Association property unless given specific written permission.   The property needs to have a coordinated and consistent look which is obtained through the repeated use and mix of the same shrubs at all the buildings and providing year round color through the use of colored foliage.  Residents on the ground level, please limit pots outside your screen door to two matching terra cotta pots with well kept plants.

The Tamberlane property has almost 30 colorful varieties of flowering trees, plants and shrubs.

FLOWERING TREES:  Royal Poinciana,  Jatropha, Sunburst, Angel Trumpet, Frangipani, Jacaranda, Bottle Brush, Desert Cassia, Powder Puff and Yellow Tabebuia

FLOWERING PLANTS: Hibiscus, Plumbago, Bougainvillea, Gardenia, Jasmine, Hurricane Lily, Queen Ema Lily, Giant Bird of Paradise, Crown of Thorns, Oleander, Thryallis, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Ruella and Ixora

COLORFUL SHRUBS:  Red Copperleaf, Yellow Copperleaf, Red Hawaiian Ti, Trinet, Croton, Black Magic and Cocoplum and the Oyster plant

If you see a broken irrigation head, please report it to the office.  If you see plants that are wilted, please let the office know.    If you have an issue with palm fronds or bare spots please submit a request in writing asking for consideration, a Board Member will look at the area a see what can be done.

The Association receives many compliments about the appearance of the property from real estate agents, prospective buyers and tenants.   The goal is to maintain the level of lush tropical landscape and color that makes for an attractive coordinated look in the community.