Opticaltel Cable TV and Internet

If you have an issue with installation, TV reception, remote control, telephone, internet access or technical support, please call OPTICALTEL Customer Support 855-303-4237.  Get a ticket number unless your issue is resolved immediately.  OPTICALTEL can solve many issues over the phone.  Please do not call the Tamberlane Office.

You must contact Opticaltel to cancel your account and follow the MOVE IN AND MOVE OUT POLICY BELOW.
It is your responsibility to return your Opticaltel equipment, just like you would have to return the equipment of Comcast.  NOT returning the Amino receivers, white modem or remotes will result is a back charge to you for lost equipment.  DO NOT REMOVE THE ONT THAT IS INSTALLED ON THE WALL OF THE UNIT FOR ANY REASON. 

When moving in,set up your Opticaltel account by calling them.   You must have your TV sets in place in order for Opticaltel to hook them up in each of the up to 3 areas.  Also, you should have your desktop computer, laptop or other device to access the internet so that the Opticaltel tech can make sure your wifi is set up as well.

PLEASE NOTE:  There seems to be some confusion with the Opticaltel installations, you are entitled to up to 3 set top boxes for 3 TVs at no charge BUT there must be an existing Comcast hook up in those rooms already along with a TV set.  If no Comcast hook up exists, then OpticalTel will charge you for a new installation in that room, just like Comcast would.

Opticaltel will periodically conduct classes on using the remote and features. 
Seating first come first serve. If you are a new resident or in need of a refresher on how to use the TV
remote, please attend. Bring your Opticaltel remote as it helps you to have it in your hand.
There will be time for a Q and A session.   The last class was January 25, 2022.  Future dates will be posted.

Opticaltel will periodically provide Helpful Hints on how to use their various features.   
Also, OpticalTel requests that all residents report either by phone,  call 855-303-4237 or email ([email protected])  anytime there is a service issue.  Issues like the DVR doesn't record, static or sound issues, anything out of the ordinary.  It helps OpticalTel Engineering detect why issues occur if they can see them in real time.


OpticalTel is pleased to announce the launch of  Video on Demand and TV Everywhere to enhance the community’s digital video service.  If your residents wish to access Video on Demand or TV Everywhere please advise them to contact OpticalTel at 855-303-4237 or e-mail [email protected] to activate their account.   They will be asked to provide a valid  email address for account creation as well as current and valid billing information.   As discussed, this is very similar to opening an Itunes account on I phones.  Simply because we ask for credit card information does not mean we charge the account.   Credit card information must be provided to create the account.   Again,  Tamberlane residents only need to contact us and ask for access to Video on Demand and/or TV Everywhere.   OpticalTel team members will set up the request and provide access information . 

UPDATE There is a Frequently Asked Questions Fact Sheet (FAQ) with tips on using the remote below including how to eliminate the Auto Shut Off feature.   Check out a few new channels added to our lineup that are not listed on the channel guide.  BBC America 135, Ovation 236 and Oxygen 127.  Channel 2 is now available showing PBS programming from WPBT.

If you signed a contract with Comcast you can try using the CANCEL INDIVIDUAL COMCAST CONTRACT FORM LETTER.  If you have AT & T or other provider, contact the office to get a custom individual letter.  You must provide the address needed.  Residents may NOT "Opt Out" of the bulk services. 

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